SEO Training 

SEO – Search engine optimization, why one has to learn SEO? To be very optimistic as we know now a days every one is online and trying to be more proactive in searching information or trying to learn new things.SEO Training

Internet is one such median which makes every one to connect at one place using an medium called social networking sites. What are these social networking sites, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.

Earlier when we try to get any information then we use to approach library or search information through known people who has wide range of knowledge. Since the inception of Google things have got changed and there is huge information which google collects time to time. In this process google has made its presence more strong and demanding.

As we know most of the users present online and people has only one word which is called Google. Google collects information from relevant websites; Its necessary for business to be online and be more proactive.

Proactive? Yes, make sure that your site is in Google search first page as 99% of visitors who come from business related keywords come and go only by seeing first page results.

How to make first page results in Google, what are the hidden techniques behind it.

Our SEO Training let you learn all those techniques and make you an pro in the subject of search engine optimization. Aparajita Services SEO Training allow our students work on real time scenarios and also give you an opportunity to design websites

SEO Training Course

1)  On-page & Off-page optimization
2) Keywords research and key phrases design basing the keywords
3) Filling all required Meta tags and checking for search engine friendly website
4) Link Building through submitting web site products & services pages links to various qualified websites as per Google guidelines
5) GEO targeting optimization
6) Generating as many qualified back links as possible
7) Targeting industry vertical sites to check if any possibility of lead generation directly

OnPage Optimization:

Choosing of Domain url
Keyword Research & Placement.
Pre Optimization Report
Competitors’ website analysis
Writing robot friendly text
Header Tags Optimization
Title Tag Optimization
Meta Tag Optimization
SEO Content Writing
Image Tag Optimization
Anchor Links Optimization
Alt Tag Optimization
Content Optimization
Sitemap for link Optimization
XML Sitemap Creation
Rss Feed Creations
Effective Website design for search engine optimization
Off Page Optimization:

Search engine webmaster tool submission
Social Bookmarking
Classified postings
Article postings
Free Press releases
Rss Feed Marketing
Hosting of Google sitemap
Linking Building Methodology
Directory Posting
Blog Creation & Blog commenting
Creation of forums & participating in forums
Participating in groups & Creation of new groups

More visibility
Repeated Traffic
Newsletters signup
Organic search results & conversion
Increment in Search engine search results
Genuine back links
Decrease in Advertising efforts